Red Carpet Line Rental Policy

Your upcoming event is your time to shine like a star, Mama! I’m so happy you’ve entrusted Rosy Glow Maternity LLC, to be a part of your special moment. The following details outline our respective obligations.  

Cleaning: I will take care of this task for you…that’s right, return it without washing or dry-cleaning it.

Alterations: Do not perform or otherwise enact any alterations to the garment. Please and thank you.

Duration: Rental time period is three (3) days from pick-up to drop-off. If mailed, time period runs from confirmed package delivery to confirmed package drop-off at courier. Tracking numbers for outbound and return shipment are required. 

Rate: Tier 1 gowns are $20 per occasion; Tier 2 gowns are $35 per occasion. Refer to the Red Carpet Line collection on the website to see the gowns in each tier.

Deposit: $80 due at time of reservation of specific gown and event date. Reservation not guaranteed until deposit is received. Upon return of the item to Rosy Glow Maternity LLC, the deposit less the applicable rate will be credited to the original payment method within 48 hours.  

Accidents: Sadly, they happen. Repair and/or cleaning fees will be discussed on an individual basis. Gowns returned with obvious indications of smoke odor or excessive pet hair will be assessed a $20 cleaning fee.   


Prior to pick-up or outbound mailing, I will ensure the gown is in pristine & clean condition, and I’m happy to provide photos of same upon request. Please let me know how I can assist with ensuring you look & feel beautiful for your special event!

XO - Kari


You Bring In, I Buy Out(right): The Selling Policy

As fun as it was to accentuate your growing belly for months, the thought of comfortably touching your toes again and not wearing stretchy pants (let’s be honest, leggings are life but perhaps without a full band) is highly appealing, right?! Once you’ve decided to purge your closet of maternity and nursing wear, I’m here to help get those super cute items into the hands of another expecting mama AND some money back into your hands. Rosy Glow Maternity LLC operates on a buy outright model (aka resale), which means I may purchase items from you, the seller, at the time they’re brought into the shop. 

Bring your items in a reusable bag, and I will look through them either while you wait or within two (2) business days, depending on both the number of items and store volume. I equally prioritize maternity/nursing labeled and non-labeled items (anything bump-friendly such as stretchy pencil skirts, cardigans, longer bodycon styles, vintage tees, etc.). Kindly ensure all pieces are clean and free of excessive pet hair, lasting odors, or known defects. An offer* will then be extended on the items I’d like to take in; any remaining items will be repurposed, added to the free rack out front of the shop, or donated on your behalf.

*An offer will have three (3) options for payout as explained below. Your choice, Mama. (Updated as of February 2023.)

1. A cash offer equates to 13% of the resale price and includes a 15% wear coupon + 10% Mama Merch coupon. Accepted cash offers exceeding $50.00 may be done via Venmo. 

2. A hybrid offer equates to 20% of the resale price and includes a 10% Mama Merch coupon. Hybrid offers are 50% cash + 50% Glow Credit up to a limit of $50 cash + Glow Credit for the balance.

3. A Glow Credit offer equates to 25% of the resale price. A personalized checkout code will be made upon request.

Coupons & Glow Credit are digital, don't expire, are transferable to family/friends, and will remain on your customer profile until used. Wear coupons can be used on anything that can be worn. Mama Merch coupons can be used on any and all products within the Mama Merch Collection (i.e. the unique, giftable items made by local, small biz owners).

Not local to Webster, NY, but still interested in supporting my small business? Always happy to chat about using technology to make the selling process possible.

Happy selling!

XO - Kari 


Free Shipping w/ $60 purchase

Ready to shop for some new favorite items but don't want to pay the shipping?! Add a minimum of $60 pre-tax to the cart and shipping will automatically be free. You totally deserve a trendy & chic new wardrobe, Mama! 


Library (newly added)

Browse & borrow from an assortment of titles covering topics such as data-driven discussions, empowered birth stories, maximizing the birth experience, PPD, breastfeeding + pregnancy loss. Have a few books that you're ready to pass along? Always happy to add to the collection so bring those in during your next shopping visit.


Baby-wearing Try-on Experience - Coming Soon!

Shopping online for the perfect (fitting & style) baby-wearing carrier can be overwhelming to say the least. Like, how are you supposed to put blind trust into a product description & total strangers' reviews of a device designed to cradle your baby against you (think a kangaroo-style pouch) but still give you total freedom of movement, comfort & peace of mind? Personally, I'd much rather touch, feel & try on a few options before committing to purchase...anyone else of a similar mindset? 

Now accepting baby-wearing carrier donations to create this essential try-on opportunity right here in the shop! Accepting any and all styles such as ring slings, wraps, hybrid carriers, and structured carriers. Minor blemishes are ok (as the samples will not be sold) but it must be fully functional with the brand/model visible. Still have the packaging/instructions? Bring those in too, please!

*Are you or someone you know certified/specialized in various baby-wearing carriers? I'd love to chat with you! Please reach out on social, by email, or pop into the shop during business hours.

Product availability & try-on experience updates will be first posted on social so check there, otherwise you're always welcome to contact me with any questions.